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Verbal Reasoning Practice Tests

Verbal Reasoning tests


Verbal Reasoning Tests are designed to measure the candidate's ability to infer information from a given body of text without using any outside source of information. You will have to decide about statements whether they true, false or you cannot say based on the information provided.



Why do they exist


It is not easy to disregard the outside knowledge and disentangle the complexities of the passage when reading any given verbal reasoning exercise and this is where their difficulty lies. When deciding whether a statment is true or false (or you cannot say), your only source for making this decision should be the text before you: this way, companies can measure how good you are at paying attention to detail and intepreting verbal concepts.

Career Gym's Verbal Reasoning Tests

Just because you read someting, it doesn't mean you necessarily understood it: this is what Career Gym's verbal reasoning tests aim to measure. You are presented with a text passage, letter or bullet list of information, and then a series of statements follow. We know full well that simply being told what the correct answer was is not very useful: this is why provide detailed explanations for every statement - be it true, false or of the 'cannot say' variety.


Statistics & Revision


Get an easy-to-use overview of all your previous tests with detailed information on your raw score, that is, the percentage of your correct and incorrect answers and the percentage of questions you did not answer. This is also the place to get direct access to your saved notes, re-take any of your tests one more time or revise all of your tests as many times as you wish - without limitations. This allows you to consult the solutions and explanations whenever you need to brush up on something. In the case of verbal reasoning, note-taking can be especially useful: jot down what escaped your attention in a particular test for future reference, for instance!


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