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UKCAT Practice Tests

The UK Clinical Aptitute Test (UKCAT)


Planning on becoming a doctor or a dentist? Heading to universities from King's College London to the University of Aberdeen? Good for you, but that means you'll have to nail the UKCAT test, all four components of it: abstract reasoning, decision analysis, quantitative reasoning and verbal reasoning.


The Purpose of the Test


The test measures your aptitude rather than your knowledge. This means that you don't need to study or learn anything special to be successful at the test. What you do need and can benefit from is to become intimately familiar with the types of questions you can face and warm up to the requirement of having to focus for several hours.

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  • Samples UKCAT practice questions for all 4 test types
  • Abstract reasoning, decision analysis
  • Quantitative reasoning, verbal reasoning
  • Detailed solutions & explanations
  • Realistic scoring, statistics

UKCAT Abstract Reasoning


The UKCAT Abstract Reasoning test measures your 'fluid', or non-verbal reasoning skills: you must look at two sets of figures and and decice about a bunch of shapes if they belong in one or the other set. Unless you're a natural, this test can get really tricky, but practice can teach you to be prepared for all imaginable shapes and rules that make up the various sets.



UKCAT Decision Analysis


The UKCAT Decision Analysis tests measures whether you can decode encrypted information. You will be presented with a scenario, examples and codes, but you can't rely on pure logic - sometimes, you will need to make the best decision with the info you have - simulating, for instance, making diagnoses as a doctor with limited information.

UKCAT Quantitative Reasoning


The UKCAT Quantitative Reasoning tests will assess whether you can solve problems based on numbers. This doesn't mean that you simply need to be good at math - Instead, you will need to become really good (and fast) at extracting information from tables, charts, bullet lists and more - and then be able to figure out what to do with them.



UKCAT Verbal Reasoning


Just because you read someting, it doesn't mean you necessarily understood it: this is what the UKCAT Verbal Reasoning tests aims to measure. You are presented with a text passage, letter or bullet list of information, and then a series of statements follow. With each statement, you'll need to make a decision: Is it true? Is it false? Or maybe you cannot say? And remember: don't use your outside knowledge!

Start Practicing


With many UKCAT practice tests and simulations, all you get is the questions and the correct answer. That's not very helpful. The UKCAT is a reasoning test, so it is useful to know the why's and the how's. Our practice tests come equipped with detailed solutions and explanations so you get the most out of the time spent practicing (instead of something more pleasureable ;)



Elevate Your Game


So you score really high? You're satisfied with yourself? :) Let's see how you perform against others and your old self. We provide statistics that show how you hold up against others and how much you improved. This is doubly useful: in addition to giving you needed information, it also helps you keep up the effort: we don't know about you, but there is nothing that can get you to keep practising on on a Sunday afternoon better than some charts ;)

UKCAT Preparation


Many employers and educational establishments in the medical field use these examinations as part of the evaluation process when selecting the best candidate for a vacancy or assessing the suitability of a student for a career in medicine. Whilst there are no facts and figures that you can learn in order to pass, because it is your aptitude rather than your knowledge that is being examined, it is possible to prepare for such questionnaires and we can ensure you are ready. We offer help and tips on the best preparation for people that will need to answer UKCAT practice questions.

More Than Just The Answers


Although there are many options open to those who would like to make sure that they perform well on these clinical aptitude examinations, most of them offer no more than a number of sample problems, with the correct answer for each one. Unfortunately, because you are unlikely to encounter the same problems when being examined, these simulations are of limited use. Our packages not only include all the answers but also provide you with the reasoning behind each one, enabling you to better understand the skills that are being tested and you can practise online with our UKCAT online tests.


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Client Testimonial
All those code tables in the decision analysis test: I thought I would never get those tests. It turns out all I needed was practise, practise, practise :)
Nate (Dundee)