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  • Use Your Brain, Not Your Calculator

    24 July 2013

    Use your brain instead of your calculatorWhen taking your numerical reasoning tests, you need to be quick and accurate, two things that don’t necessarily go well together. Having talked to many people about this we have come across a common scenario which costs time and hence, increases the pressure.
    The main problem is that calculators are used far too often. You need to get used to using your brain rather than tapping away on the buttons. 

  • Get a Full Free Verbal Reasoning Test

    9 May 2013

    Free Verbal Reasoning Test

    Interested in a full free verbal reasoning test and detailed feedback on your ability test performance? Read on to find out how to activate it.

  • Weighted Averages – Redressing the Balance

    26 April 2013

    Weighted Averages

    Here’s a little problem that I’ve seen in Numerical Analysis questions which shouldn’t cause a problem but somehow does.

    Maybe it’s the wording that throws some of you; I’m not sure. I’m referring to weighted averages. It’s easiest to look at an example to explain what I mean...

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Career Training and Exam Preparation

These days when applying for a job, you are likely to come across the structured interview or some other assessment technique that is used to get an idea of your character, experience and abilities. Believe it or not though, these types of examinations are actually very easy to master. Here at Career Gym, we give you plenty of practice and examples on how to pass psychometric tests so that you can perform to the best of your abilities the next time that you apply for a job. In this way, you will gain the very best chance of actually procuring that position, giving you the confidence that you need to further your career. We allow you to practise numerous types of psychometric tests from numerical assessments to aptitude studies so that you are then better equipped to handle the application process and gain that dream position as a result. Our global team is ready and waiting to instil you with all of the knowledge that you need to go into your next career exam confident in the fact that you can pass it with flying colours. As with any assessment, all it takes is a little assistance and some practise.

Free Psychometric Tests Online

To assist you with your next job interview, Career Gym offers you a variety of services directly through your computer. We have a wide selection of web-based exams, so that you can sit down at home and practise until you feel that you have the right level of skill to successfully pass the upcoming application process. As well as assessments, we also have a number of videos for you to view that cover a wide range of topics from reasoning methodologies to exam structure. In this way, you can gain the knowledge that you need before you actually sit down and have a go for yourself. Our sample psychometric tests cover everything from graduate positions to civil service, and are available to buy right here on our site. In fact, all of our services come at a very affordable fee which will be well worth it especially when we help you to gain a position in the future and move up your career path. If you are interested in signing up with us, you can register for free although a subscription is necessary so that you can make full use of the knowledge, tricks and techniques that we can offer.

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