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Psychometric Helpdesk

Do you have a recruitment test (or a so-called psychometric assessment) coming up and need some advice on how to give your best performance?

Why not ask one of our Official Test Designers (Occupational Psychologists), real people who are on the other side of the table? Use our helpdesk form below to ask us any question you like and we aim to reply within 3 working days.

Some example questions that candidates have asked in the past include:

'Should I work quickly and try to finish the test, or work slowly and accurately?'
'How do SHL tests differ from Kenexa tests?'
'What is the pass mark for numerical tests?'

This is a free service provided by the Career Gym.





Your message to our helpdesk will be answered by one of our in-house Business Psychologists, Charlotte or Ben.

Charlotte Alger
Msc in Psychology

Charlotte has recently graduated from her Master’s degree, where she researched the predictive power of the tests used for selection by the British Army. She has a strong background in the design and evaluation of psychometric tests and especially enjoys creating fiendish abstract reasoning questions! Charlotte also has strong knowledge of Situational Judgement Tests (SJT’s) and has designed many questions for such tests which are becoming increasingly common. Charlotte welcomes your questions on this, or any other testing topics.

Ben Williams
Chartered Psychologist

Ben is a Chartered Psychologist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society. He has worked at both SHL and PSL (now Kenexa) and is an expert in test preparation, having run numerous webinars on the topic. Ben has not only been responsible for test choice for blue chip organisations, but has also designed bespoke measures from scratch. Ben also trains other professionals in the usage of psychometric tests, so if you have technical questions about how tests work he is your man!


Client Testimonial
Amazing customer service - got a reply in less than 4 hours to all my questions.
Anna (Melbourne)