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Psychometric Practice Tests


Exam mode

In exam mode, you can practice full abstract reasoning, numerical reasoning and verbal reasoning tests (as well as accuracy tests) under time pressure. The time limits are configured based on reasl SHL/Kenexa psychometric tests. Don't worry, you'll have plenty of time to review your answers and understand the solutions after the test.



Practice mode

The practice mode allows you to practice free from time pressure, take notes recording your observations, strength of weaknesses (which you can consult later) and view the correct answer and the detailed solutions immediately. Practice mode is immensely useful in the early stages of your job test preparation.

Detailed solutions/explanations

For each test type, we provide detailed, easy-to-understand solutions. For numerical reasoning, this involves a description of all the steps needed to calculate the correct answer. For abstract reasoning, we provide an explanation of the rules that govern the which figure will come next in the series. For verbal reasoning, we explain why each statement is true, false or you cannot say - all in plain English.




Measure your performance compared to people who have sat exactly the same questions - this is real normed scoring. Just like the real thing, we will let you know where you stand, whether it is in the 10th or 99th percentile or the Career Gym user community - this will really take the guess-work out of your preparation. (Percentile calculation requires that your test be taken by a sufficiently large number of other users as well).

Statistics and Review

Get an easy-to-use overview of all your previous tests with detailed information on your raw score, that is, the percentage of your correct and incorrect answers and the percentage of questions you did not answer. This is also the place to get direct access to your saved notes, re-take any of your tests one more time or revise all of your tests as many times as you wish - without limitations. This allow you to consult the solutions and explanations whenever you need to brush up on something.



Filter and Compare

Filter your previous tests based on any metric - test type, test mode (exam mode or practice mode) and the statistics will be automatically re-calculated. Select several tests to compare your results or simply take a long, hard look at all your tests to get a confidence boost at times when you feel discouraged.


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Client Testimonial
I tried your abstract reasoning tests, they are just like the real ones.
Thomas (Dublin)