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FREE Psychometric Test Demos

Career Gym Combo Test

  • 20 verbal-numerical-abstract-accuracy questions
  • Comprehensive psychometric tests
  • Detailed solutions & explanations
  • 2300+ questions in the database
  • Scoring based on percentiles


Exam mode

Work against the clock with realistic pacing; Fine-tune your timing in the later stages of preparation. Check your answers only at the end, in percentile form.



Practice mode

Build up to real test conditions in practice mode. Forget the clock and result percentiles; Make as many personal notes as you want and take as long as you need to answer. Access the answers and explanations during the test and improve your weak points.

Detailed solutions/explanations

"Will the correct answer please stand up!" (For verbal reasoning questions, we even explain all the answer options, not just the correct one), and detailed explanations are in plain language!




Measure your performance, compared to people who have sat exactly the same questions. Just like the real thing, we will let you know where you stand, whether it is in the 10th or 99th percentile!

Success rate statistics

Success at a glance. Our easy to read pie chart puts you instantly in touch with your strengths and weaknesses.




Progress you can prove! Look back on your tests in meaningful ways - filter by test type test mode to chart your development and see how far you have come!


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Very good materials and wallet-friendly prices.
Jasmin (Manila)