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Numerical Reasoning Practice Tests

Numerical Reasoning tests


Numerical Reasoning Tests are designed to measure the ability to reason with numbers or other mathematical concepts. A person with a higher numerical reasoning ability will be better equipped to work in positions that require number sense, statistics, measurement, geometry, probability, and computation.



Why do they exist


One's ability to understand and manipulate numbers can be a clear indication of a sharp mind - something for which every employer is on the lookout for. Even if your line of work is not closely related to numbers, your ability to deal with them effectively can be the factor by which you are chosen before other candidates.

Career Gym's Numerical Reasoning Tests

Career Gym's Numerical Reasoning Tests offer you the perfect way to increase your aptitude with numbers and calculations - our tests were designed by experts to offer you the quickest and best way to quickly improve your skill and become faster and more accurat at numerical reasoning. With a wide range of business, economic and social topics from around the globe covering all mathematical operations and skill layers that are regularly tested by employers, you are in the right place.


Statistics & Revision


Get an easy-to-use overview of all your previous tests with detailed information on your raw score, that is, the percentage of your correct and incorrect answers and the percentage of questions you did not answer. This is also the place to get direct access to your saved notes, re-take any of your tests one more time or revise all of your tests as many times as you wish - without limitations. This allows you to consult the solutions and explanations whenever you need to brush up on something. For numerical reasoning, making sense of statistics can be part of your preparation for the test itself :)


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I was terrified of my SHL job test...until I found your simulation package. A big thanks for the great stuff you offer here.
Emily (London)
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