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Comment Assessment Tests: How to Get Maximum Score

Yikes! Is it time for that assessment test already? Before you start to panic, read these tips and we promise you’ll feel much better afterwards. First of all, it’s just a test, one which you have hopefully spent some time preparing for. Regardless, these tips can help you focus and perform well on your next psychometric exam:

Comment Assessment Test: Done. Now What?

You’ve just completed your first round of assessment or aptitude testing, congrats! And now what? Instead of sitting around waiting for the phone to ring here are a few tips:

Comment Is it Possible to Pass or Fail a Personality Questionnaire?

Personality questionnaires are a popular type of interview test for employers to get an idea of what makes you “tick” and whether your personality would be a good fit for the position they are filling. The great thing about personality questionnaires is that there are no wrong answers; it is all about how you feel about particular situations. If you are taking your first personality test, consider these tips:

Comment Help! My Numerical Reasoning Test is in 3 Days!

Are you just days away from taking your first round of assessment tests? In many cases this is the time where candidates start to obsess and worry about how they will do on the tests, instead of focusing on preparation. To distract yourself from being nervous, focus on being prepared instead. Here are a few tips on getting ready:

Comment How to Ace Your CV and Cover Letter

Before you even consider the task of evaluating sample aptitude tests before applying for a position, your first step is to attract the attention of a potential employer with a stellar CV and cover letter.

Comment 7 Mistakes All Job Test Takers Make

Even if you understand the need to prepare for psychometric tests while job-hunting, there are still many common mistakes to avoid. By reviewing these issues you can ensure you are ready for your next testing interview, as well as what comes before and after to maximize your employment success:

Comment Why Bother with Psychometric Prep?

Studying for hours upon hours, taking online practice tests, and for what? The slim chance of landing a good job? While it may not seem worth it now, studying for psychometric tests online is well worth it, both in the short and long run. Here are a few reasons why!

Comment 6 Tips to Succeed at Your Next Psychometric Test

Have a psychometric test coming up in the course of your recruitment and are not sure how to get ready? While many are content to just walk in and take the tests, preparation is needed if you want to do your best (and doing your best is the only way to secure the job!).
Here are 6 career tips on how to get started...

Comment 6 Reasons Why Candidates Fail Psychometric Tests

Psychometric test procedures are an important step towards qualifying for lucrative jobs in many fields. Approaching and preparing for these tests should not be taken lightly, as failing to pass one of the requirements may significantly affect your chances of gaining a great job. So here are the top reasons why candidates fail and how to overcome them:

Comment Learning to Love Verbal and Numerical Reasoning

For some, verbal and numerical reasoning tests can be very intimidating, and it can be hard not to think about how much depends on one particular test. However, verbal and numerical reasoning tests are the easiest types of psychometric tests to learn to master, simply because they don’t need any specific prior knowledge. With a few tips you can learn to love these tests. Here is a handful of them...

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