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UKCAT Insights


Comment Introducing Miss Satta, our 'soon-to-be doctor' UKCAT guest blogger

We are excited to introduce a new series on the Career Gym blog. Our 'soon-to-be doctor' (OK, we don't mean to jinx it for her) guest blogger  will share with us her journey into medical school. Miss Satta is 17 and is currently in Sixth Form. So far, she did AS Biology, Chemistry, and Maths, among others, and is planning to fo forward with A2 Biology, Chemistry and Maths. She is also preparing for her UKCAT and her end game is, of course, becoming a doctor.

Miss Satta, welcome on board with the Career Gym editorial team :) And now, over to her.

Comment Study Shows that Practising Significantly Improves Your Chances to Succeed at the UKCAT

Researchers of the University of Plymouth and Exeter conducted a research into how candidates’ preparation for the UKCAT influences their performance in the exam. The study confirmed that preparation is key to success. Both the time you spend in preparation and the type of material you use have an effect on your performance. 

Comment UKCAT Practice Series #001: Distilling the Information in Quantitative Reasoning

We at Career Gym decided to launch a UKCAT practice series to help you increase your UKCAT test score! In this brand new series, our UKCAT test preparation experts walk you through the solution of a sample exercise and give you hints to improve your test-taking strategy.

In this historical first piece we are going to discuss how you can increase your test-solving efficiency by distilling the right information from a UKCAT Quantitative Reasoning exercise. 


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