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As the name rightly suggests, verbal reasoning tests are used to assess linguistic ability of the test taker. Candidates are tested on several different parameters, including reading comprehension, grammar, and sentence structure. Although these assessment tests are primarily used in universities and colleges during the admission procedure, many business organizations are also adopting verbal reasoning tests, along with psychometric testing, for candidate evaluation.
It is important to understand the difference between verbal ability and verbal reasoning. The former tests grammar and spelling, and is used to judge a candidate’s understanding of the English language, while verbal reasoning tests logical ability through reading comprehension and complex sentences.
What Verbal Reasoning Measures
The actual type of reasoning test varies depending on an organization’s unique test selection process but the basic premise for all tests remains the same – testing the ability to comprehend complex questions or situations. This is considered a fairly accurate representation of a candidate’s verbal abilities.
Some organizations also test candidates for spelling, sentence structure, and word meanings. In such a case, candidates are advised to speak to their interviewer and ask them about the kind of questions to expect in the test.
Why These Tests Are Used?
Experts believe that verbal reasoning tests, combined with psychometric assessments, can help organizations determine if a candidate is a good fit for a job. A cumulative average of verbal test scores and other job aptitude tests is taken, after which assessors discuss candidate profiles. 
Additionally, these tests are a measure of critical reasoning skills, analytical abilities, and candidate intelligence. They are mostly used during managerial interviews in sales and marketing industries. 
Grammar and spelling tests are used to interview candidates that have applied for administrative positions. Some of these tests can be speed tests, where the number of questions is deliberately disproportionate to the time limit. 
What is the Format of the Tests?
The exact format depends on the assessment centre organizing the testing interview. Typically, verbal reasoning tests include:
  • Word analogies
  • Critical reasoning
  • Reading comprehension
  • Sentence deductions
These tests gravitate towards native speakers of the language and certain candidates may need additional preparation in order to have the best chance to perform well on them.
How to Prepare Best
Verbal reasoning practice tests are a great way of preparing for upcoming aptitude tests. Regular practice helps improve skills that are critical for a successful interview.
Reading books, newspapers, and online resources will also help improve vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structure. Additionally, candidates can prepare by completing online practice tests.


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jaga 22 Nov 2017

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