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Print UKCAT is Piloting New Test Element: the Situational Judgement Test

UKCAT is planning to add a Situational Judgement Test (SJT) as the fifth element of its assessment process, complementing the current sections of Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning and Decision Analysis. The Situational Judgement Test is a ‘behavioural’ type test and is used to assess applicants’ judgement ability to solve work-related problems.

UKCAT Situational Judgement Tests are comprised of two distinct sections. In part one, you have to rate a series of options in response to hypothetical situation by categorising the options based on the level of their appropriateness (from ‘very appropriate’ to ‘very inappropriate’). For example, you might have to put yourself in the shoes of a medical student, who have to decide on the most appropriate course of action when left alone with a patient asking for advice. Part two is a similar rating exercise, but focusing on the importance (as opposed to the appropriateness) of a series of options.

Career Gym expert, Ben Williams commented that: “The UKCAT SJT is highly face-valid – it reflects very closely what you will be doing in the job. This not only makes the assessment more accurate, but also gives you an insight into some of the dilemmas and decisions you are likely to face in your career as a Healthcare Professional”.

UKCAT is only trialling this new test type this year, and, while the Situational Judgement Test will form part of your UKCAT exam, your SJT results will not count toward your final score. UKCAT will neither communicate your SJT score to the medical or dental school you apply for. You should still view the 27 minutes allocated to the SJT section as valuable time investment, as you are very likely to face this exam type in your future medical career.


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