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Print Our Latest Practice Tool: Graduate Situational Judgement Test Simulation

Career Gym is excited to launch a new practice tool for graduate job-seekers: situational judgement test simulation - complete with realistic scoring, a personalised report and even suggestions on how to improve.

Our situational judgement test simulation offers you practice in measuring the following competencies:

 - Harnessing the Power of Development
 - Coping under Pressure
 - Collaborating with People
 - Analysing and Creating Solutions
 - Planning and Organising
 - Communicating with Clarity
 - Focusing on Delivery
 - Leading and Inspiring Others

Each test contains 24 questions (with 3 questions measuring each competency), and detailed statistics and a 6-page personalised PDF report are also included with each test.

Test yourself today!

ANBUKAMAN K 27 Feb 2013

This material is very useful to us to prepare promotional exam. Whether it is possible to bringout the material in booklet form.

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