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Print Assessment Tests: How to Get Maximum Score

Yikes! Is it time for those assessment tests already? Before you start to panic, read these tips and we promise you’ll feel much better afterwards. First of all, it’s just a test, one which you have hopefully spent some time preparing for. Regardless, these tips can help you focus and perform well on your next psychometric exam:
  • Manage your expectations: While ideally you’d love to ace this job test and get an interview, there is still a long road ahead. So don’t put all of your hopes into this one test, as there will likely be others.
  • Be down-to-earth: Many people think that reasoning and aptitude tests will be too difficult, the questions too hard to master. For the most part these tests have been designed to accommodate all types of skill levels, with answers that are straightforward and simple. The real challenge is rather the time pressure, not the difficulty of the questions themselves.
  • Develop a system: It can help your focus to have a system for answering questions, such as taking a first pass at all the questions, then coming back to the most difficult ones. You may also wish to read our other tips on each of the test types, test-taking ideas and more.
  • Ask questions: The test administrator or the computer on-screen tutorial will take you through the test instructions and practice questions, but if you are unclear on any of the procedures feel free to ask.
  • Do the math: You will have a set amount of questions to answer within a set amount of time, use that to determine the maximum amount of time you should spend on each question.
  • Don’t get stuck: If one question is bogging you down, don’t let it take up your valuable time – move on and come back to it.
  • Rule out wrong: One useful tactic on aptitude and reasoning tests can be to rule out answers that are definitely wrong; this will cut down the number of “correct” answers to choose from.
  • Difficult not worth more: Each correct answer is worth the same amount (this is not an adaptive test), so don’t worry if you can’t answer all the “hard” questions, just work on answering as many right as possible.
  • Worth a second look: If you still have time after completing all the questions on your aptitude test, consider going back and rechecking – particularly the first few questions where you may have not yet been fully immersed in the test.
  • Cut losses: Some test formats won’t let you go back and retry questions, so you have to choose the best answer you can. Try not to spend too much time on these questions, as you are better off focusing getting a lot of right answers instead of worrying about the ones you may get wrong.
  • Visualise success: It can be hard to feel successful when you are stuck on a difficult question or feel like you don’t have the hang of the job test format – but you have to hang in there. Visualise the benefits you could gain from completing the test, such as a sense of accomplishment or a terrific employment opportunity.
Once the assessment tests are completed, make sure you follow the instructions for handing it in. Pat yourself on the back; you’ve done a great job!
Questions? Comments? If still uncertain about your chances, start taking a FREE online practice tests now!

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