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Print How can I figure out which psychometric test is used by the firm I applied to?

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The simple answer, of course, is to ask the company you are applying to. Sometimes, however, this information is not readily available and your test is just a few days (hours?) away. In this case, you might find our little compilation useful.

As you probably know, there are only a handful of psychometric testing firms which supply recruitment selection tests to major recruiters. These testing firms include companies like SHL, Kenexa, or Talent Q. While the tests of these companies measure similar competencies, there are some differences in their format and style. Your preparation strategy should probably not depend on the identity of the test supplier, but it is still helpful to know which test you will be facing in the selection process…

The information below is what we (and some of our users) gathered from public sources on the tests used by major recruiters.

If you have recently participated in a selection process and have more/different information, please share it in a comment below for the benefit of fellow jobseekers!

So, here is the list…

Companies/Recruiters Using SHL Graduate Recruitment Tests:

3M – SHL Ability Tests

Adab Trust – SHL Ability Tests

Adecco – SHL Ability Tests

Fidelity – SHL Ability and Personality Tests

Millward Brown – SHL Online Numeracy Test + SHL Verify aptitude tests

Oil Search Limited – SHL Paper Based Ability Tests

Orange – SHL Ability Tests / SHL Talent Screener assessment / SHL Verify aptitude tests

SWIFT – SHL Personality and Ability Tests / Quicksift tool / numerical and verbal ability (Graduate recruitment and volume recruitment)

Swiss Re – SHL Ability Tests / SHL Verify Numerical and Verbal Reasoning tests

Tieto – SHL Ability Tests / SHL Verify Numerical and Verbal Reasoning tests

Webber Wentzel – SHL Ability Tests / SHL verbal, numerical and inductive reasoning ability tests

Xerox UK – SHL Ability Tests / SHL Verify Numerical and Verbal Reasoning tests


Companies/Recruiters Using SHL Volume Recruitment Tests:

Advance auto parts – SHL Ability Tests

ANZ –SHL Aptitude Tests

Kalido – SHL Ability Tests

Kimberly-Clark – SHL Ability Tests

KPMG – SHL Ability Tests

Nissan – SHL Aptitude Tests

Network Rail – SHLVerbal, Numeric and Inductive Reasoning Ability Tests


Companies/Recruiters Using PSL/ Kenexa Tests:

Lloyds TSB – PSL/Kenexa Verbal and Numerical Tests

Deloitte – PSL/Kenexa Verbal and Numerical Tests


Now that you (hopefully) know which supplier's test is used in the recruitment you have applied to, start your preparation with our SHL / Kenexa style practice tests here!

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