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Wow, today has been a long informative day. What a day to kick off with, had no sleep the previous night! Luckily I wasn't going to school!

Conference on Applying to Top Medical Schools

So today, me and three other students from my college, attended a grammar school local to our college. Here a conference was held on applying to the top universities. So universities like Cambridge, UCL, Oxford and Imperial College London. What a shock this was to me! I didn't understand why I had been selected to go! Other local grammar schools attended as well so being surrounded by more intelligent looking and sounding students intimidated me! From the moment I walked in, I knew they were just a small sample of the competition I was facing for a place in medical school.

University Reps and Admissions Tutors

First we had talks from people who represented the universities and they discussed what admissions tutors were looking for and how to get into the top universities. Then it was a question and answer session with students who had received offers from Cambridge and Oxford. It was a very interesting session. We then split off into groups according to the career path we wanted to go into. Obviously I was in the medicine group. We then discussed how to get into medicine.

Advice about the Personal Statement

A later session was detailing on what to put into our personal statements and did little mock interview questions. I hope I was good at them! Some questions were difficult, such as "Give an example of a time you were empathetic" and "Why do you want to do medicine?" but if you are really passionate about studying what you love then the interview should be quite easy although you'll be nervous!

Q&A with a Recently Successful Student

A previous student who went to that grammar school who had just finished their first year at Kings, even came in and answered our questions - although this was by accident! But I really learnt a lot from today's conference. I've learnt that the hard work hasn't finished now that exams were over. There was still more to go and I'm even more determined to reach that ultimate goal of becoming a doctor.

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