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Why Abstract Reasoning Tests Are SpecialAn abstract reasoning (or, as sometimes called, diagrammatic reasoning) test is a test of analytical and logical abilities, designed to evaluate quick thinking and strategic planning. They are an integral component of many aptitude tests and are increasingly being used by business organizations for interview testing. 
Unlike numerical and verbal reasoning tests, abstract reasoning is entirely based on visual questions, which do not require any arithmetic or language skills. Candidates work with patterns, shapes, and diagrams. Abstract reasoning tests are considered accurate indicators of general intelligence and cultural awareness. 
What Do Abstract Reasoning Tests Include?
If you have taken a career aptitude test in school or college, you might remember they almost always had visual questions. While there is no specific pattern to an abstract reasoning test, questions can range from identifying common patterns in a set of similar shapes, find missing patterns or find a series of patterns. This is achieved using diagrammatic representations or a set of geometrical shapes. 
Candidates use their logical abilities to find the correct match. Their choices are then assessed by interviewers or assessment centres to determine if the candidate is a good fit for the job.
All abstract reasoning tests are timed. Candidates usually get between 15 to 60 seconds per question.
What Is The Format Of These Tests?
The exact format of the test and the difficulty depends on role responsibilities and requirements. If the role in question requires candidates who can think on their feet, take strategic decisions, and improve business processes, it is likely that the abstract reasoning test they take will be difficult. 
These tests are created by psychometric testing companies or occupational (industrial) psychologists. There are two to three rules of identifying shapes and solving questions, which are explained in abstract reasoning practice tests.
How Companies Use Abstract Reasoning Test Scores
Assessment centres have test performance benchmarks for every role in an organisation. A candidate’s test scores are evaluated against these benchmarks and their performance is measured accordingly. This enables future employers to get an insight into how a candidate could perform if hired.
Preparing for Abstract Reasoning Tests
Practicing free aptitude tests will give a fair idea of what to expect in a real testing interview. Take as many practise tests as possible so you can work on correcting your mistakes, thus allowing you to perform well in a real-time test.
Because performance benchmarks are different across organizations and roles, there is no minimum or maximum score to aim for. Taking abstract reasoning tests will also enable you to find your strengths and weaknesses, giving you time to work on improving them. 


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