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Print 6 Things that Guarantee Failure in a Numerical Reasoning Job Test


OK, so you want to fail. Let’s see what we can do to increase your chances. What can you do, short of not turning up for the test, to ensure failure?

The first thing to try is not reading the question properly. This is guaranteed to produce results. If the question tells you there are 50 cows in a field, 20% are black, 20% are brown and the rest are mixed and then asks, ‘how many are not mixed?’ you can easily miss the ‘not’ and answer 30 instead of 20. Guaranteed to fail.

In a similar vein, don’t check all the answers. Often some of the wrong answers listed are a multiple of the correct answer, have the decimal point shifted or perhaps have digits transposed. Pay no attention to these; they will only serve to distract you and give you clues to the correct answer.

Believe everything your calculator tells you. If a problem reduces down to a calculation of 118/1.2 and your calculator tells you the answer is 9.83 because you missed the decimal point – believe it. The whole point of using a calculator is so that you don’t need to think. There’s no point having a dog and barking yourself.
“To fail to prepare is to prepare to fail” is a popular adage and certainly has a lot of truth in it. Stay away from websites and books that offer practice tests. These are dangerous and insidious places that will distract you from your goal of failure. Do not give a moment’s thought to doing any practice problems at all.
Go to an all-night party the night before the test and get blind drunk. It’s probably best is this is ‘all night’ and you miss out on sleep altogether. A ‘grade 2’ hangover or better guarantees failure (primarily because you can’t even read the questions) but if you have to flee the exam room in a hurry for ‘a biological necessity’ then this can give a copper-bottomed guarantee of failure.
Don’t even make a guess at questions you can’t answer. There is a chance that lady luck may be ‘smiling’ on you and you may inadvertently get enough answers right by sheer dumb luck to pass the test. This would, indeed, be unfortunate if highly unlikely. Best not to take any chances and leave them blank.
My last point, I think, is obvious but I’ll state it anyway. You can mix and match any of these tips here, perhaps even use all of them. There’s no point taking risks by doing things half-heartedly. Do the lot and make sure you fail – by a mile!

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