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Psychometric test procedures are an important step towards qualifying for lucrative jobs in many fields. Approaching and preparing for these tests should not be taken lightly, as failing to pass one of the requirements may significantly affect your chances of gaining a great job. So here are the top reasons why candidates fail and how to overcome them:

1. Failing to Prepare
Candidates should be ready to spend several weeks in preparation for psychometric tests, as the most common reason for failure is lack of preparation. Having a regular study and practice routine and good study materials is key, as well as taking practice tests to ensure you are prepared for the “real thing”.

2. Just Getting By
Candidates who focus merely on passing the exams may be disappointed in the end, as most competitions are looking for candidates who score above a particular percentile, or are interested in only the highest scoring candidates. So even if you think you are ready to “pass” psychometric tests, you should study hard and practice psychometric tests as much as possible.

3. Not Recognizing Weak Areas, Ignoring Strong Areas
There are two common approaches to psychometric exams; the first one is a “shotgun” approach that hits a bit of each study area equally, the second approach focuses only on weak areas. Both of these approaches can cause problems, the first by not spending more time working on problem areas, the second by not brushing up on strong fields, just in case they aren’t as powerful as you remember. The best approach is to spend 80% of study time on weak areas, with 20% reserved for brushing up on your other skills.

4. Using the Incorrect Tools
Understanding the methodology behind certain psychometric tests can go a long way towards knowing the right way to approach each test type. Going on gut feelings and common sense is most likely not the right approach; instead, you need a combination of experience and pre-test preparation.

5. Ignoring the Details
The test should be arranged far enough ahead to give you time to prepare, as well as to gather information on the tests you are going to complete. As the test day approaches, ensure you have the tools, personal identification documents, instructions and driving directions to arrive at the test center in time and successfully complete your tests.

6. Lack of Motivation
Trying to prepare for verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning or abstract reasoning is a challenging task, one that can quickly become overwhelming if you don’t have any help or support. You can stay motivated by joining a study group and keep interacting with others who can help you keep on track. Most importantly of all, maintain your drive and keep studying – right up until test day.

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Jane 14 Jul 2019

I had a psychometric test for my dream position. With the amazing practice material at JobTestPrep, I passed and have been working already a few months.

Haley-ann 05 Dec 2018

Hi i wote my psychometric test in aug but. Failed i want to rewrite my test but what must i do

Nwabisa mbekelwa 17 Oct 2017

I waiting for my result on the 12 of October I was writing a test on 2017 when will I get my result.

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